22 Cents Less Video Shoot

My goal as a songwriter is to inspire – to move people, whether it be through the chord progression, the powerful message behind the lyrics, or the tone in which I sing my lyrics. As someone who shamelessly loves pop, as well as its sub-genres (pop/RnB, indie pop), l strive to make a memorable and unique sound differentiating myself from other artists we hear on the radio every day. My songs should be catchy and fun – easily fit for any demographic, but they need to be from the heart and relatable.


My next single, 22 Cents Less, will especially fit to these characteristics, and I couldn’t be happier with how the progress is going!


This past weekend, we shot its music video here in Boston. This was the most professional music video shoot I’ve had…a make-up artist, a large crew and everything.



The incredible production team, Half Lit Smile even hired actors! I had the pleasure of meeting many different women (actresses), all different backgrounds, ages, races, ethnicities.


The production team was very professional, sticking to a by-the-minute schedule. One of the most exciting things at the shoot was the fact that the producer got a hold of Beyoncé’s mic (yes, her ACTUAL mic) that she used on tour for the video! Like what. How does that happen. I put a picture below. That’s probably the most valuable mic I’ll ever use in my life.


There were two full days of shooting the scenes before hearing, “That’s a wrap.” I don’t want to spill TOO many details…those can wait until the final release. But let’s just say the theme is FEMINISM. 🙂

22 Cents Less, the song and music video is set to be released at the end of October (no specific day yet, but it will be announced soon).

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