Summer Tour, My Band….and a Billboard Chart!

Hey guys! I am officially back in California after spending 4 months studying at Berklee College Of Music in Valencia, Spain. Valencia was absolutely beautiful, and though my classes were in English and I was living in a dorm with other American students, I learned some basic Spanish phrases and have been inspired to learn Spanish as my fourth language! How cool would it be to write original songs in Spanish?
I did, however, find myself anxious to return to California and continue with my own musical endeavors, and I was eagerly waiting to see my own CD in music stores around my hometown!

Since being back, I’ve had 2 rehearsals with my official band for my summer tour and they are INCREDIBLE. I am beyond excited to show you guys what we’ve been working on, and really just start performing! I’ve heard tour is one of the most challenging, rewarding, most fun experiences, and I’m happy to be good friends with lots of my bandmates because that will make everything that much more interesting. Seriously, my drummer, Sandy, is one of the coolest, most typed up women you’ll ever meet. My bassist Alvaro – I’ve known him since junior high and he has this contagious energy and is so focused on creating the best sound possible.

My pianist is my long time co-writer and collaborative partner, Arlene, so having someone super familiar on the road will be really grounding. My guitarist, Steven, is super familiar with performing as he toured with Fate Under Fire for over 5 years, and my backup singer, MacKinley, is only 16 (!)but we share the same vocal coach and her vocal chops are insane! Traveling with these people will be awesome. Please check my Events tab for a listing of my tour venues.

Just two days ago, I found out that my single and title track of my album, Something About Her, was placed as #7 on Billboard’s Hot Singles of the week! I found this out just as I was wrapping up recording an acoustic, live version of the song for my YouTube page. What an amazing feeling – I never in a million years would’ve thought I’d see one of my songs on the Billboard Charts but this is incredible and I am so grateful to everyone who has bought and supported this album. (For those who haven’t, it’s on iTunes and Amazon!)

I’ll be having an interview and performance this upcoming week on Fox 40 from Sacramento which is really exciting.

Thank you guys again for following and supporting me and this album. The past few months has been a roller coaster, but like, the Dragster roller coaster from Cedar Point that is the most thrilling, fastest, fun, intense roller coaster that you never want to get off of. Thank you thank you for inspiring me to keep doing what I love. Hopefully this is only the beginning 💜

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